I have a wealth of experience regarding the cultivation and production of essential oils, pharmaceuticals and natural colourants originating from natural plant materials.

ALGEKO natural health products was established as a family shared dream: to take the ordinary person back to nature’s original wealth of natural products in an affordable, safe and effective way. This is Nature's Dispensary.


Our mission is to get people to turn back to natural, pure and safe herbs, spices and natural remedies that are free from harmful chemicals substances and residues. For us a healthy balanced life is non-negotiable. We want to supply these pure natural uncontaminated products, as nature intends it to be, to the broad public.


Our vision is to do everything in our power to supply pure, natural affordable products, mainly produced by ourselves or under our supervision, to the general public. We will constantly expand our current product range by thorough and in-depth R&D work to ensure a broader spectrum of human consumable pure, natural products, that can contribute to an improved health and better quality of life.

Algeko manufactures natural supplements that contain only the purest ingredients, with no harmful chemicals, colourants or preservatives.